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A+B Epoxy Repair Kit By Rezolin - White - 9904H

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An easy-to-use, two part putty you simply mix and mold like clay. No complicated weighing or measuring required. Easy 1:1 “cut-what-you-need mix ratio” Form it into any shape. It hardens in one hour and makes a final, steel-hard cure in 12 hours. Cures underwater if desired.

Suggested uses:

Fill cracks or holes in decks and broken tiles, cures under water
Fill cracks and holes in pools or spas and underwater plumbing, pumps and drains, no draining required
Repair breaks, cracks or leaks in all types of plumbing fixtures and ceramics, tubs, toilets, sinks, tiles, caulking
Seals leaks in gasoline tanks and air conditioner systems
Repair all types of fiberglass cracks, holes and breaks
Insulating cable splices
Sculpture and Taxidermy and Carving
Furniture Repair
Repair cracked metals
Repair broken fillings on appliances
Porcelain doll repair
Preventive pipe wrap on key elbows where masonry or other materials will encapsulate piping
Kit Size: 7 ounce
Item Number: 9904H
Manufacturer: A+B Epoxy
Manufacturer Part No.: 9904H

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